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- Trend Press vol.3 -
Ladies Fashion Winter 2006
Pumps and accessories seem to be on the shiny side this year, moreover in the colors jet black and bright red. Enamel pumps in red (black, too) with flat heels are must-have items for casual fashion lovers, whereas feminine dressers tend to favor black shiny heels that go well with dress and pants styles. Other lustrous materials cover suede, leather and vinyl used for jackets, coats, shoes and bags.
LARGE accessories "CELEBNESS"
Accessories from earrings, bracelets, necklaces to scarves, hats, shades, belts and bags are on the large and heavy side. For all styles including sweet to sharp, women favor accessories that have presence such as necklaces with large natural stones or plastic/metallic beads, thick belts strapped around the middle of her body rather than low-rise, shades with wide frames and big glossy or furry bags.
Winter fashion every year tends to be equalized with snowy white or dark colors like black and dark brown and this year isn’t any exception, but rather new to the fashion scene is all shades of gray. Gray this autumn – winter is taken in from inners to outers, tops, bottoms, leggings and accessories. The other color that has been enjoying increasing popularity is shades of green mostly on the darker side. Coordinates in black tops and bottoms are also common, accented by accessories in bright colors such as red pumps or gold-colored necklaces. To emphasize the volume balance of the silhouette the basic style tends to be somewhat solid rather than taking in prints and patterns. At the same time, nonetheless, tartan check prints are also used as point accent adders.
sleeves, dress skirt hems (balloon skirts), hats, hairstyle, scarves, accessories, outers, boots (thick heel riding boots, Western boots)
legs (skinny pants, leggings), torso (waist), boots (bikyaku type)