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Manga-Drama Review and Requests

Now that we have gone through the tendencies of the live-action making of hit manga and also a quick review of one of them, let us turn our eyes to which ones (manga) people want to see live-action.
Manga Live Action Request Ranking Chart
Ranking # Men Women Total
2 Kochira Kameari Koenmae Hashutsujo Detective Conan Detective Conan
3 Silent Service
(Chinmoku no Kantai)
Ouran High School Host Club Kochira Kameari Koenmae
4 MONSTER Honey and Clover ('06) MONSTER
5 ZIPANG Urusei Yatsura Silent Service
6 20th Century Boys ('08) MONSTER 20th Century Boys
7 Doraemon ('07) 20th Century Boys Doraemon
8 Detective Conan Doraemon Honey and Clover
9 Kogyo Aika Volley Boys ('92) Kochira Kameari Koenmae Hashutsujo Urusei Yatsura
(oricon style research Feb 2006)
Those with ( ) are stories that have been or are going to be made into live action either in drama or film. All except "Kogyo Aika..." and "20th Century Boys" have been made into anime.
The grand champion that won first place in all divisions is the basketball manga SLAM DUNK by Inoue Takehiko, an undoubted masterpiece from SHONEN JUMP’s golden age. In a nutshell the story is about the growth of the main character’s basketball skills as well as his humanity qualities. It is one of the representative Japanese sports manga that involves a lot of qualities other than the excitement of basketball as a sport, and in addition to this depth of the story it looks like the popularity of the characters (mainly the handsome ones) brought the work to the top of this chart.

Two works by Kawaguchi Kaiji and Urasawa Naoki respectively have ranked in the top 10 requests in the men’s division. Kawaguchi’s works (3:Silent Service, 6: ZIPANG) are mainly those that have themes on warfare, and are probably possible to make live action versions without difficulty or leaving the feeling of awkwardness coming from the gap between the original and the live action. War-related films are rather popular in Japan for its portrayal of themes that are serious and real.

Urasawa Naoki’s MONSTER and 20th Century Boys both have also ranked within top 10 in the women’s division with the strong demands of wanting to see his unique worldview live. Some fans describe that Urasawa’s works already have a film-like touch – which is rather intentional since Urasawa once told in an interview that he tries to make each cut of his works become like a trailer for a film (keeping in mind that trailers are supposed to provoke the viewers to want to see more. The psycho thriller elements of his works increase the feelings of wanting to see it live with the thrilling, suspense tension of which live action can provide more effectively than animation.

Case Closed or Detective Conan, is a very popular manga series which counts its 13th anniversary this year and the 11th for the TV anime series. None of the episodes had been made live action so far but the story is so popular that anime movies of extra episodes have become a regular spring event.

Kochikame (full title: Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo) is SHONEN JUMP's ongoing representative piece which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. It has not been made into a TV drama nor a live-action film but have been made into a live-action stage which has been received well.
Manga Live Action Request Ranking Chart <Hollywood Version.>
Ranking # Men Women Total
1 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure DEATH NOTE ('06) Dragon Ball
2 Dragon Ball Dragon Ball DEATH NOTE
3 Golgo 13 NANA ('05 / '06) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
4 DEATH NOTE Cutie Honey ('04) Golgo 13
5 Space Battleship Yamato The Galaxy Express 999 AKIRA
6 20th Century Boys ('08) Golgo 13 The Galaxy Express 999
7 The Galaxy Express 999 ONEPIECE Cutie Honey
8 Fist of the North Star
(Hokuto no ken)
Cyborg009 NANA
9 Doraemon AKIRA Space Battleship Yamato
10 Kamen Rider/Masked Rider
(live action TV series)
Doraemon Doraemon
(oricon style research Feb 2006)
Ranked first place in the men's division is Araki Hirohiko's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, an action masterwork of a battle between an almost-never aging and immortal vampire and the gallant hero with supernatural powers who tries to kill the monster. Fans say that the grand scale of the original manga can probably be made into better live action in Hollywood with the state-of-the-art computer graphics to recreate the superpowers in the comic. Some seem to have in mind a similar image of the film The Matrix.

Coming in second place is the enduring masterpiece Dragon Ball by Toriyama Akira, which also ranked second in the women's division and first place overall. The biggest appeal of the collaboration of Dragon Ball and Hollywood is probably the combination of Hollywood techniques and the action scenes which pretty much dominate the work.

Overall, it looks as if action-Ruritanian works rank high in the "Hollywood live-action requests". It would be very much interesting if somebody conducts a survey of which Japanese manga non-Japanese readers want to see live action.

For five pages all together I have written about the manga-live action circumstances in Japan. Will add some articles when new topics come up. Keep tuned.


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