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" Odaiba "
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Top: Statue of Liberty - a gift from France in commemoration of the amity b/w France and Japan.
Left: Bldg of Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Right: Look, ride, feel! car theme park MEGA WEB

"Daiba" originally indicates a place where cannons were mounted facing the sea. Since all cannon grounds were called daiba, there are about 1,000 daibas in Japan all together, but this place was named Odaiba for it was under direct control of the shogun, and "O" is used to refer to the shogun. It is said that 12 cannons were set on 7 daibas in Odaiba area in the end of Edo Period (mid 19C).
Coastal reclamation projects had started in Meiji Period (latter 19C - beginning of 20C), but the landfill and industrialization sped off with the opening of Tokyo Port in 1940.
The Odaiba we see today is a result of a large-scale New-Tokyo Waterfront Subcenter re-development in the late 1990s, aiming to ease the overcrowd in the urban core. With the opening of a new railway, a TV broadcasting center (Fuji TV), shopping & movie complex (Venus Fort, Cinema Mediage), natural hot spring (Oedo Onsen Monogatari), residences and new landmarks of Tokyo, Odaiba has now become a popular dating and nightspot of Tokyo.
To access Odaiba, take the Rinkai Line to Tokyo Teleport Station or the Yurikamome Line
(automated system operated train).
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